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The Unshakable Man Coaching Process
Guide yourself and find your own path. Use this 8 step process to discover who you are and what you want without relying on external forces. Feel comfortable and clear about your life direction and choices.
    Mike Sagun
    Meet Mike & Chris.
    We started the Unshakable Man Program because we noticed many men start their adult life working hard for everyone else and in their 30's wake up feeling burnt out and confused! 

    When this happens a man can suddenly feel lost and disconnected from his important relationships, what he does for work, who he is, and what he wants in life and work. 

    Our 8 step process teaches men to find their own path to discover who they are, what they want in life, and work without relying on external forces - leaving men feeling comfortable and clear about their life direction and choices.
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    • ​Reduce stress / calm your mind
    • ​Build stronger relationships
    • ​Make more money
    • Understand your emotions 
    • ​Achieve your goals 
    How are you stuck?
    You’re struggling with emotional pain, maybe from a break-up or a failure at work, or maybe it’s stuff from the past that’s surfacing. You don’t know how feel better so you just stuff it down.
    Closed Off
    You’re walled up and distant from the people you love, hiding your pain and struggle. You want to be closer but don’t know how.
    Burnt Out
    You're doing the daily work grind and it’s leaving you burned out and unhappy. You want to find your life purpose and do work that lights you on fire everyday.
    Negative Mindset
    You notice yourself thinking negative thoughts almost automatically. People in your life call you out for being in a bad mood that you can't seem to change.
    You’re having fits of anger and rage with the people you love. You feel awful about it afterwards but it keeps happening.
    You feel like you are alone. People in your life don't notice you and a feeling of disconnection has been growing making you feel like you can't reach out even more. 
    Not moving
    You're not making progress. You feel like you are anchored in place or are locked in position unable to make a move. But you know you need to make a change and start moving.
    Bad Habits
    You’re overwhelmed by the demands of family, work, and your relationship. You’ve got nothing left for yourself and are sinking into depression, despair and bad habits.
    You want to choose a direction to go but you are unsure how to pick a path. Now you can see lots of directions to go but you are stuck in analysis paralysis.
    So what is going wrong?
    Dear Men, 

    There's something wrong. 

    Men ages 45-65 are the highest demographic of suicides in America. 

    Men are less likely than women to seek professional mental health treatment or ask for help.

    Men who lack purpose are more likely to have health problems and live shorter lives.

    These are signs that something is wrong and things are changing.  

    Men have been left behind. This is likely because men are less likely to ask for help. 

    We believe "the idea of a man" is changing at a deep cultural and societal level.

    Technologies like social media and the internet are only accelerating these changes.

    And we are feeling it as men. Men are hurting. Men are lost. Men are lashing out. 

    The way we live, the way we work, and the way we build community are changing and placing pressure on us. 

    These changes are a call to learn new skills. 

    But there is good news. 

    These are skills we can learn. 

    We can learn how to be the emotionally healthy, loving, and fulfilled men that we want to be.  

    We are constantly pushed to learn skills for in our careers.

    But what many of us don't know is these skills can help us in our entire life. 

    Healthy relationship with our partners and ourselves and our friends are more important.

    That is why we created The Unshakable Man Program. 

    To help men be their best! 

    To teach men about emotional awareness training.

    To help men learn the skills needed to live satisfying, passion driven lives from the inside out.  


    Chris Wilson & Mike Sagun

    The Unshakable Man - Founders 
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    Emotional awareness is the #1 indicator of success in life. That is why we teach a new EQ training or men's coaching training every month. 
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    Mens Coaching Testimonial
    "In my eyes, this program is designed to help you become the man you’ve always dreamt to be - a man that is mindful, in-control, aware and in-acceptance of all aspects of his life in order to live the life that best serves him and his needs + desires."
    Justin Lacap
    • Owner at Greenery a la Jcap
    "The whole program acted as a giant mirror for who I was. It enabled to see myself more clearly, to understand who I was and how I operated, and to identify areas to focus to be the man I wanted to be."
    Stephen Nemeth
    • VP/Director, Creative Strategy
    "It highlighted all the areas of my life that need tending to: physical, mental, emotional, and self-esteem. It gave me a road map for my development. All I need to do now is make and achieve baby step goals to improve these areas of my life.."
    Mel Leocadio
    • Systems Engineer
    An interview with Stephen Nemeth
    Evryman + Unshakable Man Graduate
    Welcome to the Unshakable Man Program
    • A proven program with a professional coach.
    Mike Sagun and Chris Wilson are excited to help you work through the 8 stages of the Unshakable Man Program. After each learning session you will review your work and what you discover with your coach. 
    • Begin the great journey to discover who you are.
    This is an 8 stage emotional awareness training program designed to help a man discover who he is and what he wants his life to be. You will leave with clarity and clear path to take action in your life.
    • Apply for a FREE intro call with Mike Sagun
    We offer free 15 min into calls to answer all of your questions and help you decide if this program is right for you. If you are a good fit we will offer you a free 90 min breakthrough session to give you an opportunity to try coaching before enrolling in the program or ongoing coaching.  
    Now is your time! 
    Don't be a lone wolf.
    You can do this. 
    You get the point. 

    It all starts with making introductions.

    Don't do it for you. Do it for your family, your life, your dreams.
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